Training Structure

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PST Training Structure

Stage 1

The Invitation 5 days

Stage 2

PST Practitioner Training 12 months

Stage 3

Post-Qualification Course 6 months

PST runs a series of courses aimed at supporting your professional growth. Beginning with personal process and increasingly moving towards assisting your development as a highly skilled professional practitioner.

PST The InvitationView Class »

This is the starting point for your journey into PST. This 5-day intensive is aimed at giving you a taste of the PST approach and is a pre-requisite for joining the main training programme. Whilst key concepts of the PST model are introduced here, The Invitation focuses more on personal process than professional development. It is essential to know our own shadows and motivations around sexuality before we can help treat others. We can only hold space for others if we have already trodden the path of our own personal journey.

In this intensive but gentle, heart-centred workshop we will look at your relationship with sexuality and intimacy, helping you understand more deeply what motivates you to be intimate with someone and how these drives may both limit and benefit you. You will explore the personal blocks that you have around intimacy and be supported in gaining resources to overcome them. The aim of The Invitation is to give you a greater understanding of your own sexual self and how you may limit your capacity to allow intimacy into your life. Understanding this is key to understanding your motivations for working in the field of sexuality.

Pre-requisites for this course: None

Course Information

Who Should Apply:
Any one interested in consciously exploring their sexuality in a safe, boundaried space.
5-day non-residential

Skylight Centre, 49 Corsica St, London N5 1JT
Price: £575
Number of students: 16-20

The Invitation also runs around the world in other centres, including Antwerp, California, and Moscow.  Please email for specific dates for these other venues.

PST Practitioner Training View Class »

Unlike many somatic sexology trainings, PST approaches sexuality from the heart, not the genitals.  In this yearlong professional training, the focus changes from personal growth to professional development. This course is aimed at supporting those who wish to work therapeutically with the body in the field of sexuality. There is no genital touch work in this programme.

All aspects of the PST Practitioner Training sit within the ethical framework of conventional psychotherapy whilst expanding what is offered in other psychotherapy trainings to work explicitly with sexually and the body in a safe, ethical way.

PST offers a clear roadmap both of human sexuality and of how to work with it. The focus is on a clearly boundaried, ethical approach. You will be taught to work with clients of all gender identities, supporting those who have sex and intimacy issues towards a deeper understanding of their own sexuality and helping them integrate it into their lives.

The focus of the therapy is on client-empowerment. The practitioner acts not as “miracle healer” but as guide, a safe space holder to allow the client to find their own potency within a safe, ethical framework. You will learn tools to support both hands-on treatment as well as a talk-only based approach. Client assessment, contra-indications to treatment, how to develop a treatment plan and identify the client’s core psycho-emotive issues are key to the work, before beginning any treatment.

PST uses a variety of approaches drawn from psychotherapy, including Psychosynthesis, Gestalt, Neuroscience (including Prof. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory), Somatic Trauma Therapy (both Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing and Babette Rothschild’s approach are introduced) and Reichian Body Psychotherapy and Bio-Energetics as well as Energy Psychology and more esoteric traditions such as Taoist and Tantric approaches to sexuality. It also employs soft tissue release techniques from Myofascial Release (MFR) and osteopathy. The model is informed by cutting edge understandings from a neuro-affective relational approach. All of these are covered in this one-year training.

You will understand how the body holds memory, emotion and trauma and how to support clients to connect physical tensions with their underlying emotional issues.

There is no genital work in this course although this course does contain optional nudity.
For further course details please click here (link through to PST Practitioner Training page)

Pre-requisite for this course: The Invitation

Course Information

Certified PST Practitioner, inclusion in the approved PST practitioner list. Meeting the course requirements gives you the ability to join ASIS, the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexology, a professional body for Somatic Sexology in the UK.

12 month, primarily consisting of 11 four-day training modules plus additional home assignments.

Who Should Apply:
Any one interested in working with clients’ sexuality in a safe, boundaried space. Priority will be given to existing practitioners working as counsellors, psychotherapists, bodyworkers, osteopaths, cranio-sacral therapists, medical professionals, etc. although the course is open to those who have completed the The Invitation course (above).

Start Date: September 2018

Due to the on-going high demand from Continental European students, the location for this coming year’s training will be split between London and Antwerp.

London Venue: Skylight Centre, 49 Corsica St, London N5 1JT

Antwerp Venue: Van Trierstraat 40, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

Number of students: 20-24

Post-Qualification Course I (PQ I)

This course is designed to add genital touch work to the practitioners’ skill-set. Specific pelvic anatomy, physiology and pathology will be covered in detail.

Typical genital issues will be addressed together with treatment approaches. Building on the existing knowledge from the main PST Practitioner Training Programme, this course will allow practitioners to work directly with the genitals and other pelvic areas for the purpose of releasing trauma and tensions held there. This course is only available to existing certified PST practitioners. Here you will learn techniques for both physical release externally and internally on the pelvis (genitals and anal work) and more tools for intimacy work with clients, including therapeutic breast massage, a skill very rarely taught in bodywork courses. This course may be taken immediately upon completing the PST Practitioner Training Programme.

Pre-requisite for this course: Certified PST Practitioners

Course Information

6-months, primarily 5 non-residential 4-day training modules plus home assignments

Who Should Apply:
Existing Certified PST practitioners seeking to work with genital touch to support clients
Dates:  tbc
Venue: tbc