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‘I feel cold fear. I want to stay repressed’: What it’s like to go to sex-therapy

When Anna Maxted spent a weekend at a sex-therapy workshop, she was stunned to find herself go from terrified sceptic to self-help convert

March 23rd 2016 - The Telegraph

Sex hospital! New clinic aims to get patients back in bed after surgery

Britain’s first ever ‘sexual healing’ centre aims to revolutionise speed and success of recovery from some of the UK’s biggest killers

February 16th 2016 - The Sun

Sexual Healing: How Orgasm Guru Fixed My Love Life

Cue Mike Lousada. Mike offers sexual healing, not like Marvin Gaye but in the form of psychosexual therapy and body-work sessions.

January 31st 2016 - The Sun

On Monogamy

They’re bored in bed, they want more sex, they just don’t want it with the people they’re married to. Sound like another exposé of adulterous men? Think again. A generation of women are rejecting monogamy and challenging what it means to be in a modern marriage.

January 10th 2016 - The Sunday Times

Sexual Anxiety

The belief that women’s sex drives are lower than men’s stems from the Victorian era when, to get the vote, women had to be “good” citizens and appear “morally pure”, says psychosexual therapist Mike Lousada.

June 12th 2015 - Marie Claire