Certified PST Practitioner

Maria Taari

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I’m an embodiment coach and a certified PST Practitioner specialised on self-leadership and sensual awakening. I can help you to access your power and focus to make a difference in the world. I worked for 12 years in the creative industry, and today I’m passionate about helping people design their wellbeing and purpose.

If you suffer from dissociation and fluctuating pains, want to create clarity, ease overdrive, get support to go through spiritual awakening symptoms, or find effective ways to ground and feel balanced, please get in touch and we'll create a plan to kickstart a new chapter in your life.

My PST sessions are geared toward coming to life. Embodiment is one of the most effective ways to self-actualisation. You get tools for orgasmic creation, active stress dissolving and energetic health.

I work with leaders and soulpreneurs who want to master their sexual energy for creation and healing. My 1-on-1 coachings are for individuals that already have a high level of self-awareness and are ready to break through to the next level in their business, wellness and spiritual growth.