Certified PST Practitioner

Emma Harper

High Wycombe, UK

I am passionate about Sexuality, Integrity and Freedom.

As a Psychosexual Somatics Therapist my joy is in helping you to access the inner truths and wisdom in your body, to find what’s been hiding in plain sight within your nervous system and bring it from the unconscious into the conscious, from reaction into a response, from fear into joy and from tension into pleasure.

My background prior to my therapeutic practice is in Finance & Business, Human Sciences, Sustainable Business Development, Martial Arts, Music, NLP, Writing, Long-term Relating and Sexual, Relational & Spiritual Experimentation.

Ideal Clients

Women and men lacking sexual confidence, athletes, performers, those returning to sex after long-term relating, sexual trauma victims, spiritual seekers, those dedicated to their own evolution, those perceiving sexual or relational dysfunction, entrepreneurs.