Meet Our Amazing PST Faculty

  • Mike Lousada

    Founder & Director

    Mike Lousada is the founder of Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy (PST). He is a qualified counsellor in Psychosynthesis, a California-state approved certified clinical sexologist, sex coach and sex educator as well as being qualified in several types of massage. His work has attracted much positive media coverage, most notably in Naomi Wolf's latest book, Vagina. He has clients from over 50 different countries, including celebrities.

  • Dr. Louise Mazanti

    Dr. Louise Mazanti works in private practice as a Psychosynthesis counsellor dealing with issues of sex, intimacy, female empowerment and creativity. She has also trained in esoteric wisdom, energy psychology, integral philosophy, conscious sexuality, body/mind relationship and Psychosexual Somatics®. She is a former professor in arts and design and is part of the PST management team

  • Rex Brangwyn

    Rex's extensive training in Western & Eastern mind body spirit and shadow healing has informed his work over the last 25 years, as an Osteopath, Kinesiologist, healer, and group facilitator. He also coaches men and women in Erotic Intelligence. Rex is also part of the core PST management team.

  • Angie Fee

    Angie is a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice, teaching and supervising students on postgraduate counselling and psychotherapy courses. Her clinical and research work explores how western dualistic thinking underpins and influences how we think and experience our sexual, gender and spiritual identities and cannot account for erotic desire and sexual practice that do not accord with this structure.

  • Michael Mokrus

    After studying English, German, Political Science and Medicine, Michael has worked since 1987 in further education in different body-psychotherapeutic modalities such as humanistic psychology, structural body therapy, craniosacral therapy and trauma therapy. Since 2003 he has been part of the training and supervision team of Somatic Experiencing® in Cologne, Germany and more recently the Neuro-Affective Relational Model®. His work is characterized by engagement with the latest therapeutic and neuro-scientific developments.

  • Silvestros Mousafirakis

    Silvestros trained in a variety of manual therapy approaches such as Mulligan Concept. Neurodynamic Solutions, Trigger Point Therapy and others. He has been practising since 1990 and is primarily a clinician. His main focus is the kinetic functional release leading to restoration of the dynamic balance of the body.

  • Clare Walters

    Clare is a dedicated professional bodyworker with many years’ rich experience in working with touch. She is a qualified postural integrator and craniosacral therapist with wide experience and engagement in the world of educational/training and its potential. She is has been involved for several years with the Open University and was project manager of the International Workshop Festival. She also has a background in and love for theatre and voicework/singing. She is also PST's Head of Training.

  • Ruby May

    Ruby May brings a decade of self-enquiry and research on the topics of sexuality, authentic relating, shadow-healing and women’s empowerment. She has a degree in Psychology, is a trained sexological bodyworker, and worked as an intimacy coach before focusing on facilitating groups full-time. She currently lives in Portugal, where she is researching life, love and eros embedded within community and nature.

  • Emma Harper

    I am passionate about Sexuality, Integrity and Freedom.

    As a Psychosexual Somatics Therapist my joy is in helping you to access the inner truths and wisdom in your body, to find what’s been hiding in plain sight within your nervous system and bring it from the unconscious into the conscious, from reaction into a response, from fear into joy and from tension into pleasure.

    My background prior to my therapeutic practise is in Finance & Business, Human Sciences, Sustainable Business Development, Martial Arts, Music, NLP, Writing, Long term Relating and Sexual, Relational & Spiritual Experimentation.

    Ideal clients

    Women and men lacking sexual confidence, athletes, performers, those returning to sex after long-term relating, sexual trauma victims, spiritual seekers, those dedicated to their own evolution, those perceiving sexual or relational dysfunction, entrepreneurs.