Mike’s Story

I had been working in a corporate environment for many years, slowly working my way up the promotional pole and working longer hours with growing dissatisfaction.

At the same time as managing this suited and rather severe corporate role I had also been meditating and going on shamanic retreats in my spare time. I was having increasingly significant spiritual experiences and at one particular point, whilst reading Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, I suddenly had an epiphany. I realised that I could no longer keep doing a job that had so little meaning for me. I had to find something that had more meaning and purpose, though I had no idea what that might be.

This spiritual awakening eventually led to me leaving my job, my marriage, my home, my financial security and almost everything with which I had previously identified myself.

Fortunately I had been in my own personal therapy for many years and had already decided that I wanted to pursue a career as a psychotherapist. With the little savings I had I managed to keep I invested everything in a professional psychotherapy training in Psychosynthesis.

At the same time I also decided to explore tantra to help me become more comfortable with my own sexuality and to help increase my, at that time quite poor, sexual confidence.

I also found myself unexpectedly single with the end of my marriage and I began to have sexual experiences with women. Although I had imagined that they would be purely sexual encounters I saw a pattern emerge where the women would begin to release strong emotions – grief, rage, sadness – in connection with old experiences that they were still holding onto until they began to release them in our meetings. What I understand now is that I was holding a safe space that allowed these women to discharge old feelings and trauma that they had held onto in their bodies.

As I spoke about this pattern of emotional release with various people in tantric workshops I began to be approached by others who would say something along the lines of “I’ve got this sexual problem, do you think you could help me?”

And so my practice began to develop. Having quite a structured mind I started to create a theoretical framework and a way of working that was replicable from one client to another.

I combined my practical experience with professional training in transpersonal psychotherapy, trauma therapy, bodywork, Reichian body psychotherapy, Tantra, Taoism, clinical sexology and sex education. I read and studied voraciously. At one point I was taking three different year-long training programmes simultaneously. I absorbed as much information on the field of sexology, neuroscience, bodywork and body-mind integration as I could get my hands on. I downloaded professional journal articles, read peer-reviewed papers, spoke with leading scientists in the field and studied with the best people I could find from around the world.

I spent years studying various disciplines and distilling this knowledge into the most efficient, focused therapeutic modality I could. Over the years Psychosexual Somatics® emerged as a clear, knowledge-based roadmap for sex and intimacy issues.

One of the strengths of PST is that it is built on the shoulders of giants. It would not exist without the ground-breaking work of the likes of Roberto Assagioli, Wilhelm Reich, Peter Levine, Babette Rothschild, Prof. Stephen Porges, Prof. Barry Komisaruk and many more. It is also an evolving modality. Latest understandings from the exciting new discipline of neuro-affective science and other fields continue to enhance the model.

A further strength is that PST has a core of principles that offer a consistent approach but which can be offered in a variety of ways. This allows each of the practitioners to apply PST in their own unique manner that is best suited to their background and other trainings.

I have come a long way since those early days of leaving the security of a corporate role but I’m so happy because I’ve finally found a way of working that has such deep meaning and purpose for me. I’m very grateful for that.

Meet Our Amazing PST Team

  • Mike Lousada

    Founder & Director

    Mike Lousada is the founder of Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy (PST). He is a qualified counsellor in Psychosynthesis, a California-state approved certified clinical sexologist, sex coach and sex educator as well as being qualified in several types of massage. His work has attracted much positive media coverage, most notably in Naomi Wolf's latest book, Vagina. He has clients from over 50 different countries, including celebrities.

  • Dr. Louise Mazanti

    Dr. Louise Mazanti works in private practice as a Psychosynthesis counsellor dealing with issues of sex, intimacy, female empowerment and creativity. She has also trained in esoteric wisdom, energy psychology, integral philosophy, conscious sexuality, body/mind relationship and Psychosexual Somatics®. She is a former professor in arts and design. Entered the Danish Who's Who in 2009.

  • Rex Brangwyn

    Rex's extensive training in Western & Eastern mind body spirit and shadow healing has informed his work over the last 25 years, as an Osteopath, Kinesiologist, healer, and group facilitator. He also coaches men and women in Erotic Intelligence. Rex will be the lead teacher for the PST Practitioner Training Programme

  • Clare Walters

    Clare is a dedicated professional bodyworker with many years’ rich experience in working with touch. She is a qualified postural integrator and craniosacral therapist with wide experience and engagement in the world of educational/training and its potential. She is has been involved for several years with the Open University and was project manager of the International Workshop Festival. She also has a background in and love for theatre and voicework/singing. She is PST's Head of Training.