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What is PST?

Psychosexual Somatics® is an evolving body-oriented therapy in a unique combination between neuroscience, trauma therapy, myofascial release technique, psychotherapy and bodywork disciplines.

Neuro Regulation

Mindfulness practices

Breath techniques

Embodiment techniques

Physical touch techniques

Talk work

Meet Your Sexual Self at The Invitation Next Class: 13 - 17 June 2018

"Wherever you're at with your sexuality, boundaries, ability to express intimacy, personal power, or pleasure...this training can take you deeper" - Natalie

What The Professionals Say About PST...

"I only hope that our concept of therapy can expand to include the ways that PST brings about healing."

"No talk therapy, no CBT or pharmaceutical intervention can begin to compare with a deep soul to soul, body to body connection."

Sue, Psychotherapist

"I have been led further along the path to truly understanding my self limiting beliefs"

"PST is a fundamental and essential training for anyone working in the area of sexuality and intimacy."

Lucy, Sexual Health Nurse

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Learn how to turn intimacy weaknesses into strengths