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Psychosexual Somatics® Practitioner Training in London

Mike Lousada’s work in Psychosexual Somatics® is pioneering the transition between alternative healing and mainstream acceptance of the ancient art of sexual healing. His work touches into cutting edge inter-relational neuroscience, as well as ancient wisdom to create an new and evolutionary body-based psychotherapeutic modality.

Mike is supported in the training by Uta Demontis, a professional Sex & Relationship Coach, Clinical Sexologist and Taoist Instructor. Her work blends the wisdom of the ancient sexual teachings of the East with modern sexology education and sex coaching. Uta adds feminine presence, her depth of knowledge of working with male clients and couples and also the wisdom of her training in energetic practices.

The approach taught throughout this programme is Mike Lousada’s Psychosexual Somatics® model. His approach draws from trainings in diverse fields, but can be reduced to four major disciplines:

  • Talk therapy
  • Bodywork
  • Spiritual / Energy work
  • Sexology


Furthermore, the method used is broken down into four strategic elements:

  • Talk work
  • Physical release therapy
  • Sensual touch
  • Sexual awakening


'"The trainers’ integrity and commitment to this work is well-established. They make every effort to maintain the highest standards and have developed this pioneering training with a view to bringing the healing practice of ‘sacred sexuality’ to the 21st century."
- Kenneth Ray Stubbs


The training is for:

  • Those wishing to work as sexual healers
  • Psychotherapists wishing to work with sexuality
  • Those who have clients with trauma
  • Existing tantric practitioners
  • Practising bodyworkers
  • Massage therapists wanting to work with sensual touch


"This training is pioneering - here I am supported in a safe container, on a ship that takes me from the 3 dimension to the 5 dimension of consciousness - finally landing on earth, in my body - connecting all layers from physical, psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual - it connects me with who I really ar, its takes me beyond my false beliefs and for me its my life most wonderful journey.

Being recognized by my myself, a journey that goes down into the darkness, welcoming to another love in an other and higher dimension of existence, the real love and the real me …..letting go of what once was my identity.

The teachers, the program is on a high level of consciousness, so genius build up - taking you step by step through the shadows of you ego, integrating you with your higher self."
- Elsa (Student)


The trainers believe that this exciting new training programme is the most comprehensive sexual healing training available. It is scheduled on eleven 4-day training units (Fri-Mon) spread over 12 months, during which you will learn:

  • Basic counselling skills
  • How to take a sexual history
  • How to speak confidently about sexual issues
  • Anatomy & physiology focusing especially on resolving sexual issues
  • How to read the signs of the body
  • About sexual concerns, their causes and how to support the resolution of sexual issues
  • How to identify and manage trauma somatically
  • How to release emotion through the body
  • Techniques for touch, arousal, and release (including female ejaculation)
  • Specific techniques for releasing tension and emotion in the pelvis
  • How to connect and work energetically with clients
  • How to work with sexual issues as part of clients’ holistic growth
  • To understand boundaries and work ethically
  • The healing applications of Taoist, yogic and meditation practices
  • How to develop and teach clients a solo erotic practice
  • The distinctions between sex, sexuality and gender
  • The importance of client assessment
  • How to identify unsuitable clients
  • How to identify and manage erotic transference and counter-transference
  • How to deal with sexual issues from psychological, somatic and energetic perspectives


"My personal journey over the last four months has been profound, cathartic yet gently, alchemical. My external growth and learning has been absolutely mirrored by my internal journey. So much learnt and so much more to learn, and above all experience."
- Mark (Student)


For this year long training programme there will be a faculty of nine teachers:

  • Mike Lousada – Founder of Psychosexual Somatics®
  • Uta Demontis – Sex & Relationship Coach, Clinical Sexologist and Taoist Instructor
  • John Hawken – Bio-Energetics and Tantra Teacher
  • Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D. – teaches Path of the Sexual Shaman training (from the USA)
  • Sue Newsome – Sexual Educator, Psychosexual Therapist and Tantra Teacher
  • Rex Brangwyn – Obstetric Osteopath
  • Dr. Jody Schmidt – Genito-Pelvic Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist and Clinical Sexologist (from the USA)
  • Keith Silvester – Integrative Psychosynthesis Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor
  • Silvestros Mousafirakis - Physiotherapist


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